Wizard101 is a free online multiplayer game for all ages. You can play free, buy crowns (wizard101 currency), or become a member. When you play free you can play: play all the Faireground mini games free, practice Pvp matches, Practice derby races (in the pet pavilion), and decorate Your room however you want with only non-crown items. When you play with crowns (see below for buying info) You can play in premium areas; play in ranked Pvp matches, Play in ranked derby races, buy clothing stitching, and buy henchmen, Buy access other worlds, own your own castles or lands, and get Advanced Crafting. And finally with the membership you get the Most options, you get access to All the wizard101 worlds, play in Ranked Pvp matches and in Ranked derby races, as well as have All castles and lands get advanced crafting, have message boards, You get more chat options, have faster energy regen, have a Larger Backpack, and a larger friends list, and faster Crafting timers, For more info click If you would like to buy a subscription (membership), or buy crowns then you must login, and click on any of the following: Upgrade Memberships, Buy Crowns, Pay by Mobile, Gift Certificates, or if you went to a store that sells gift certificates (e.g. GameStop, CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Best Buy, 7Eleven, Target, Rite Aid, Blockbuster, or Toys R Us) then you can redeem that at the Redeem Card or Code section, and on the back of your card gently remove the scratcher( the glaze over the code) with a finger, or coin. DON’T REMOVE until you pay for it at the counter of the store because until you pay for it, the code means nothing. To buy crowns, or get a subscription you must first get a user, to get a user click